Real Beards Summer: How to Grow and Maintain A Summer Beard

by Nicholas Karnaze July 27, 2015

Real Beards Summer: How to Grow and Maintain A Summer Beard

I hear it every day: “isn’t your beard hot in the summer?” and “I could never grow a beard in the summer. It is too hot.” Many people ask why I don’t shave my beard when the weather heats up. Or at least trim it way down. My answer is simple: “do you shave your head in the summer?”

I only know a handful of people who shaved their beards in the summer…and they all regret it.

Beard Trim | stubble & 'stache

All men can grow a beard. You must actively try not to grow a beard. Many men choose to do this by scraping a razor across their faces every morning. Savage.

While the act of growing a beard does not require any real effort, growing and maintaining a healthy beard does require a bit of work.


The Basics


For those of you growing your beard for the first time, give it at least four weeks. Beards grow on average one-half inch per month. After about four weeks you will have an idea of how your whiskers grow in. At this time you can begin trimming and shaping your beard to align with your personal wants and sense of style.

Beard itch. Beards itch the most during the first two weeks of growth. Combating beard itch is simple: grab a beard & face moisturizer with soothing ingredients like Aloe, Chamomile, and Tea Tree Oil. The hydrating elements in a good facial moisturizer will also help eliminate the itch inducing dry skin under the beard. Some recommend beard oil for reducing beard itch, but beard oils can fall short. As the name implies, beard oils only contain oils, thus excluding some of the most effective natural itch reducers. There are many great beard oils on the market, but if beard itch is a top concern, there are more effective options than beard oils.

Keep it clean. Washing your beard is a vital step in growing and maintaining a healthy summer beard.

Summer = heat
Heat = some interesting smells

You should wash your face twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night before bed. Your beard on the other hand requires a different washing schedule. Washing your beard too much can over dry your beard and make it abrasive. Under normal circumstances, we recommend washing your beard twice a week with a specialized beard & face wash. This will keep your beard clean and odor free while keeping your skin healthy and happy. During the summer months, you might need to wash your beard more than twice a week. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, or your beard collects a lot of sweat during the day, you should wash your beard daily.

Keep it soft. A soft beard is a happy and healthy beard. There are many great beard oils on the market to help soften your beard. If your are like over 86% of men in America who want to streamline their grooming routine, invest in a multipurpose facial moisturizer & beard conditioner. It replaces both your daily facial moisturizer and your beard oil.

Keep it personal. Some guys balk at the idea of trimming their beards. Your beard is an extension of you and your personality. If you want to go long, by all means go big. If you are happy with a nice 5 o’clock shadow, rock that look all year long. The simple truth is that not all of us look or feel good with a massive beard. A beard is an expression of your personality and independence. As such, it should make you feel good.




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Nicholas Karnaze
Nicholas Karnaze


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