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Ingredient + Formulating Philosophy

Formulating Philosophy

Make only the best, regardless of ingredient costs or time. We believe in using the safest, most effective responsibly sourced ingredients possible. To that end we use a combination of organic, all-natural ingredients and clean laboratory produced ingredients.

We believe in full transparency from soil to skin. Healthy soil produces healthy, nutrient dense plants. Nutrient dense plants make nutrient dense ingredients. Nutrient dense ingredients do things for the skin that conventionally grown ingredients can only dream about.

We believe in community. We believe we should know the individual organic farms and farmers that grow our ingredients. 
This is our next big goal. As a founder-owned small business, we are currently tied to the existing cosmetic ingredient suppliers. In some cases, suppliers cannot even tell us from which farms ingredients are sourced. It is our goal to change that.

We believe in supporting natural systems. We believe in supporting your skin’s microbiome

The skin is the body’s largest organ and first line of defense against external threats. Like your gut, it has an incredible ecosystem of microbes that help keep the system functioning the way it should. All of our formulas are pH-focused meaning they are designed to have a pH that falls within the skin’s natural range thus supporting your skin’s acid mantle and not disrupting it. We’ve also added probiotics to our formulas to further assist in supporting your skin’s microbiome and function.

We believe fragrance free is the way to be

Fragrances are the dirty little secret of the grooming industry and a lot of men’s products are loaded with them. By law, companies must disclose all of the ingredients in their products, except fragrances. Flip over your favorite skincare product or beard oil and look at the ingredient label. Odds are you’ll see “fragrance” listed. That fragrance could be one chemical, it could be 100 different chemicals...and companies don’t have to tell you what chemicals they use.  

Fragrances can be irritants and cause negative reactions on the skin. Because of this the American Academy of Dermatology recommends those with sensitive skin to avoid products containing fragrances. 

There is further research indicating that certain fragrance chemicals damage the reproductive system in lab rats, especially males. Research also suggests these chemicals cause cancer in lab rats. The one big question is how these chemicals affect us over time. There is reason to believe they do build up in the body but further studies are required to confirm the negative impact on male reproductive health and cancer. 

All of these unknowns made this a no brainer: No fragrances in our products.