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The Man Blog

What Women Want | #WCW of Substance: Sydney

July 06, 2016


What do women look for in a guy? I'm on a quest to find out. This week I had the pleasure of talking with Sydney, a longtime friend and beard fan. Here is what Sydney looks for in a guy, and her thoughts on men's grooming and style.

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Why Do Men Grow Beards? The Answer May Surprise You

June 20, 2016

 Why Do Men Grow Beards? | stubble & 'stache

From an evolutionary perspective, why do men grow beards? Is it vanity? Dominance? Laziness? Or some other reason altogether? New research shows that beards likely evolved to help men boost their standing amongst other men.

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5 Things Dad Wishes You'd Get Him for Father's Day

June 14, 2016

Father's Day Gift Guide
Dads are the best. They deserve the best this Father’s Day, so we’ve gathered up some of our favorite Father’s Day gifts for your review.
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Why Don't Zombies Have Beards?

June 06, 2016

Zombies are coming

There are two types of people in this world, those who like zombies, and those who lie about it. After a recent Walking Dead binge session, I found myself wondering...why don’t we see any zombies rocking facial hair?

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