Coronavirus Update

COVID knocked us down but not out!

Our journey to become the first – and only – men's skincare brand to use truly sustainable packaging began in the winter of 2019. Our goal was to launch the new line in the summer of 2020. Then, COVID hit. Between factory shutdowns and persistent shortages, we watched as our timeline kept expanding and expanding. Not ones to stand idly by, we've taken this opportunity to enhance our formulas and have created several new products, in addition to transitioning to packaging made from 100% PCR. When will we be back in stock? In May 2021. Subscribe to our email list to receive the latest launch updates as we continue to elevate the standard in men's grooming!


The United States Postal Service (USPS) is also experiencing COVID-19 related delays in delivering packages. Please note the estimated shipping times listed on our website our guidelines from USPS and are not guarantees.

COVID-19 Beard Care Advice

Check out our post relating to CDC guidance on COVID-19 prevention and the latest information about your facial hair and the coronavirus. You can read the post here.