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November 07, 2018 3 min read 0 Comments

Here’s how to grow a beard the right way.

We hear it all the time: “I can’t grow a beard. Trust me, I’ve tried.”

Well trust us, you can. Here are the Top 6 Beard Growing Mistakes - and how to avoid them. You’ll be rocking the beard of your dreams in no time.


1. Not giving your beard enough time - On average beards grow about a half inch per month.  Keep in mind, however, that your beard may grow slower or faster depending on genetics, and not all parts of your beard will grow at the same rate. Initially, some areas will begin to look full while others appear patchy.

It’s at this point that some men give up, thinking they don’t have the genetics to grow a full beard. The reality is that this part of your beard is simply developing slower than the rest. Men’s beards continue to develop into their 30s. In your twenties and still have a patchy beard? Not to worry, you have yet to reach your full beard potential. Regardless of age, we recommend guys dedicate a full two months to growing their beard.  


2. Letting your beard go wild. Even in the early stages, you need to trim your beard. As mentioned above, different parts of your beard grow at different rates. After about a month of growth, an untrimmed beard will begin to look unbalanced. Trimming the longer parts down will help reduce the appearance of a patchy beard as the slower growth areas catch up. Early stage trimming is easy: pick a clipper and guard length and go. Same setting all the way around. You can start shaping more as your beard transitions from stubble to a fuller beard.

shave the neckline 

3. Neglecting the neckline. A man’s beard should not connect with his chest hair. On the opposite end of the spectrum, when a man smiles, his beard/stubble should not lift above his jawline. When determining where to draw the line, we recommend shaving any growth below the Adam’s Apple.


4. Washing too much or not enough.  Wash your face and stubble everyday with a specialized cleanser. Once your stubble transitions into beard length, wash your beard with a cleanser once or twice a week. This prevents your beard from becoming overly dry. This is, of course, situationally dependent. If you have a dirty job or sweat a lot, you just might have to wash everyday to maintain proper hygiene.


5. Letting your beard go thirsty. - The majority of beard-related problems, including itch and dandruff, are easily remedied with proper hydration. Our daily moisturizer was designed for that very purpose. While beard oils are wonderful for softening longer beards, a specially designed moisturizer treats skin conditions that beard oils simply cannot address.

 Hydrate: daily facial + beard moisturizer | stubble + stache

6. Comparing yourself to others - Every man is unique, and so are our beards. Be confident in who you are and the beard you grow. Genetics do play a role, but just because you cannot grow a full on ZZ Top beard doesn’t mean you can’t cultivate some handsome stubble or a serious handlebar ‘stache. In the end, your facial hair is a representation of you and your personality. Do what makes you happy and don’t bother comparing yourself to others.


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