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How to Grow a Beard | 5 Tips for Growing Your Beard

  • 3 min read

Beards aren't going away anytime soon... in fact, a record number of men are embracing the beard and ditching those sadistic razors. Read on for our top five tips for growing and maintaining your best fall beard.

1. When it comes to growing a beard, be patient.

Beards take time. Your stubble grows about ½ inch per month and different parts of your face grow at different rates. What does this mean for you? Give your beard at least 3-4 weeks before you consider shaving. We’ve met many men who gave up on their beards because they thought they looked patchy, or their stubble itched. The reality is they didn't give themselves enough time. Give it a few more weeks, and those patchy beards start to fill in. As for the itch, that takes us to point number two.

Moisturize your beard to stop beard itch | stubble & 'stache

2. Moisturize your beard.

Beard itch is a real thing, but it doesn't have to last. Beard itch and beardruff are caused by two primary culprits: dry skin and dry whiskers irritating your skin. Both of these afflictions are easily solved by using a quality beard moisturizer or a premium beard oil to soften your beard (prevent that whisker/skin irritation) and hydrate the skin underneath, thus addressing the itch. We prefer a beard moisturizer over a beard oil simply because a beard moisturizer is more versatile than beard oils. In addition to quality oils found in high-end beard oils, moisturizers also contain aloe, chamomile, and other soothing agents that provide a level of comfort beard oils alone cannot match. That's not to say that we don't use beard oil. We just layer it on top of our beard moisturizer. 

Wash your beard twice a week | stubble & 'stache

 3. Build up those natural beard oils.

Wash your beard twice a week. Washing your beard every day can lead to a dry, abrasive beard. This is because the soap strips away naturally occurring oils that help to keep your beard soft. Of course, you should wash your face with soap and water every day, just not your beard...unless you have a dirty job that warrants a daily scrub down. The hair that comprises your beard is different than the hair on your head. A specially formulated beard wash will help curate your best possible beard. After washing, apply your moisturizer then layer beard oil on top.

shave from mid-neck down | stubble & 'stache

4. Keep your beard neat.

No neckbeards. While growing your beard, it is important to maintain a neat appearance. During the first month of beard growth, do not trim your actual beard. Instead, trim the perimeter. By this we mean don't allow your stubble to grow down your neck and join with your chest hair. We recommend drawing the line around mid-neck. From that point south, shave...if needed.

Eat healthy and workout for a better beard | stubble & 'stache

5. Healthy life = healthy beard.

A lot of men are interested in growing a thicker, healthier beard. While there are no magic potions, eating a diet rich in high-quality protein (like fresh fish and lean meats) and fresh fruits and vegetables will provide the nutrients your body needs to sprout whiskers of herculean proportion. Combine this with daily exercise, and your body will have the nutrients and testosterone needed to grow your best possible beard. And no, there is no such thing as a magic beard growth oil. So don't fall for that clickbait...unless it is from your dermatologist.      

Now go forth and grow a great beard and do great things. If you have any questions, comment below!



stubble + 'stache was founded by a former Marine Corps Special Operations Combat Veteran in memory of his fallen comrade. We donate a percentage of profits to organizations supporting those men and women suffering from the mental wounds sustained in combat.

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