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Five unconventional uses for your Softening Beard Oil

  • 3 min read

A quality beard oil can be an amazing, versatile product that does much more than enhance your beard. Below are our five favorite unconventional uses for your Softening Beard Oil.


1. Overnight Beard Mask

What it is: A beard mask is an intensive treatment for dry and damaged beards. 

How to: Using your beard oil as a beard mask is super easy.

-Shower before bedtime and pat your beard dry

-Apply at least double the amount of beard oil you’d typically use

-Rinse out with cool water upon waking in the morning


2. Pre-Shave Oil

What it is: As the name implies, pre-shave oil is used before applying shaving cream/shaving. 

Why should you use a pre-shave oil?

-Pre-shave oils provide protection against razor burn

-Pre-shave oils soften your stubble resulting in a smoother, more comfortable shave

-Pre-shave help “lift” the whiskers thereby promoting a closer shave

-Pre-shave oils moisturize your skin. Your face will feel soft and smooth after shaving

 man shaving using beard oil as a pre-shave oil

Can any beard oil be used as a pre-shave oil? Nope. Not all oils are created equal. Cheaper beard oils tend to clog your pores (and razor) when applied directly to the skin. Additionally, these oils can contain synthetic ingredients and fragrances that do not promote a smooth, close shave. 

How to: Using your Softening Beard Oil as a pre-shave oil is as simple as one, two, three shave.

-Shower or rinse your face with warm water to open up your pores and towel dry

-Dispense a few pumps of beard oil into your hand, rub together and massage into the area to be shaved

-Apply shaving cream on top

-Shave as usual


3. Cuticle Oil 

Say what now? We know, this might be a new one to you. 

What it is: A cuticle oil is applied to your nails/skin resulting in softer, healthier and less brittle nails. If you work with your hands/wash them frequently, give this a try. You’ll find your nails catching on fabric far less and your cuticles will no longer be a flakey, white mess at the base of your nails.

How to: This is best done before bed.

-Wash and dry your hands

-Apply a few drops of beard oil and massage into your nails and skin 

You’ll notice a difference the next morning, but for maximum benefit, consistency is key. 

 Soften: Hydrating Face + Beard Oil in airless 1 fl oz pump by stubble + 'stache
4. The Hair Down There

What it is: Personal care oil provides the same benefits to your pubic hair as it does your beard. You’ll find your pubic hair (and skin) softer, healthier and all around more pleasant. An added benefit is that our all-natural Softening Beard Oil has antimicrobial properties which help reduce the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

If you shave, applying beard oil after manscaping will help prevent ingrown hairs and soothe razor burn. And of course, it will make your skin silky smooth.

How to: Apply beard oil after manscaping. We recommend taking a warm shower before application.


-Take a warm shower and dry off

-Apply several pumps of beard oil to your hands and massage together*

-Massage beard oil into the freshly manscaped area

*The amount of beard oil to use is personal preference. Some guys prefer a very light coat, others like a heavier application due to the lubricating properties, as it helps to prevent against chafing.

Can any beard oil be used down there? Nope, especially if you are shaving. Cheap beard oils tend to include synthetic ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin. Beard oils containing fragrances should also be avoided. They can contain a whole list of less than desirable synthetic ingredients, and these questionable ingredients don’t need to be disclosed on the label. A lot of these fragrance ingredients contain alcohol which can cause a burning sensation on freshly groomed skin. 


5. Hair Mask

What it is: A hair mask is a deep conditioning treatment that helps heal dry and damaged hair.

How to: This is best done before bed.


-Wash and towel dry your hair

-Dispense desired amount of beard oil into your hands and rub together

-Massage the oil into your hair, working it in root to tip

-For added effectiveness, wrap (or place) a warm towel over your hair to speed absorption

-Leave in for at least 20 minutes or sleep with it overnight 

-When done, rinse out excess oil with cool water and towel dry



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