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Does Beard Oil Work? 3 Essential Beard Oil Components

  • 3 min read

This is not a simple yes or no question. The real question is, what beard care issues are you struggling with and what would you like your beard oil to do? Generally speaking, beard oils help with these issues:

  • Soften the beard
  • Reduce beard itch
  • Reduce beard dandruff
  • Add shine to the beard
  • Encourage healthy beard growth
  • Help keep your beard fresh and clean
  • Improve the overall health of the beard

Before diving into details, it is important to note that beard oils are not created equal. The type, quality and concentration of the ingredients matter. Before purchasing a bottle of beard oil, take a look at the ingredient list, and in particular, the order in which they’re listed. Following FDA guidelines, the highest concentration ingredient is listed first, all the way down to the lowest concentration ingredient, listed last. While ingredient labels do not have to disclose specific percentage concentration, it is safe to assume that the first few ingredients listed comprise the majority of the beard oil. 

Why beard oil ingredient concentration matters

Both argan and jojoba oils are highly effective beard oil ingredients. Beard oil connoisseurs will tell you not to waste your time with a beard oil that does not contain one (if not both) of these amazing ingredients. But, just having them in the bottle is not enough. You really need to know how much is in the bottle. Without a high enough concentration of these oils, you will not experience the full benefit. 

Shady cheap beard oil trick: Pure jojoba and argan oils are expensive ingredients. Using them in the appropriate quantities demands a higher price. Shady companies will include trace amounts of these oils (check the back of the label) charge a cheap price and then aggressively market the ingredients. In reality, the concentrations are so low that you are not receiving any real benefit from the beard oil.

Why the quality of oil matters

It is not just the concentration that matters, but the quality as well. First, it matters how the oil producing plants are grown. Lower quality raw material will be cheaper than the higher quality. Next, how the oil is extracted is important. There are two primary ways of extracting oils from plant material. The first is called cold pressing.

As the name implies, cold pressing is simply pressing the material under extreme pressure to extract the oil. This method is very effective at preserving the integrity and potency of the oil. That being said, it is a more expensive form of extraction.

Using solvents is the other, cheaper method of extracting oil from the raw materials. While cheaper, using solvents can reduce the effectiveness of the beard oil ingredients – solvents can damage/break down the oil’s molecules –  and can leave impurities behind. 

Shady cheap beard oil trick: using high concentrations of poor quality ingredients. Having a lot of sh*t in a product still makes it a sh*tty product. 

Why the types of oils matter

There are hundreds of potential natural beard oil ingredients making for unlimited combinations. Of these hundreds, several lead the pack. 

Jojoba Seed Oil - Jojoba is actually a vegetable wax. It is loaded with Omega-9 fatty acids which help protect and reinforce your skin. It also hydrates and improves the beard’s texture.

Argan Seed Oil - This is like the Swiss Army knife of oils. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, it hydrates both your skin and beard, fights irritation and encourages healthy beard growth. On top of that, it can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hemp Seed Oil - Hemp seed oil is a powerhouse ingredient. It strengthens both your skin and beard and has been shown to increase blood circulation to the hair follicles and encourage healthy beard growth. It's used to treat a variety of skin conditions including eczema. 

Castor Seed Oil - High in ricinoleic acid. This bad boy reduces inflammation and fills in the scales on the hair shaft. Hello happy, healthy, fuller-looking beard. 

Clary Oil - If you are like most men, you have oily skin. Clary oil is known to help regulate your face’s oil production. If you have oily skin, clary can help you achieve balance. 

Eucalyptus Leaf Oil - We love eucalyptus because it’s antiseptic qualities helps keep your beard and the skin beneath fresh and clean. It also helps reduce the appearance of blemishes and fights irritation. 

While these six oils are some of our favorite beard oil ingredients, it is important that you find a beard oil that contains ingredients that address your specific needs. If you are looking for a beard oil that addresses all of the concerns listed above, our Softening Beard Oil has you covered. If you are struggling with other issues, send us an email and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction!

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