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You talked, we listened. These are the top three complaints about beards from both men and women.

Do they apply to you?

Do these beard complaints apply to you? | stubble & 'stache

#1 Beard itch

This is the top complaint of first-time growers and men with stubble/short beards. That annoying itch and irritation leads to scratching, and that scratching can lead to embarrassing "beardruff." If you've tried all kinds of beard butters, balms and oils and none of them really worked, then we've got something you're going to love. Here's why:

Beard itch is caused by two specific culprits. We spent over a year formulating and testing our Facial Moisturizer & Beard Conditioner to properly addresses these root causes. The key to fighting beard itch is found in our proprietary blend of aloe, chamomile, green tea, and pro-vitamin B5. These powerhouse ingredients, renowned for their calming, soothing and anti-irritation properties, combine forces to not only tackle your beard itch but leave you with a soft, supple beard.

Beard conditioner in Napa Valley | stubble & 'stache

#2 A dry, scratchy beard

This is the top complaint of those who love bearded men. They go in for a little snuggle time and BAM! Sandpaper to the face, which can result in irritation or even scabs... which have been referred to as the dreaded "hipster herpes." Using shampoo and conditioner on your beard falls short because beard hairs are thicker than the hair on your head and require a lasting, potent source of hydration to effectively soften. Some men go a step further and use beard oil, but unfortunately most beard oils on the market use bullsh*t oils that do not provide adequate conditioning. If you (or your partner) has ever been the victim of a dry, scratchy beard, then you're really going to dig our new Premium Beard Oil.

#3 B.O. (Beard Odor)

We interviewed a lovely young lady who shared a story about a suitor who never got a second date. Long story short, he smelled. More specifically, his beard smelled. She liked the guy, but couldn't handle the odor emanating from his man mane. Imagine the smell of days-old fish mixed with stale beer. Don't let this happen to you. Properly wash your beard with a Beard Wash designed to combat beard odor and restore your beard to its pristine condition.

Beard Wash | stubble & 'stache

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