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Halloween should be scary, not your beard. Here are 4 tricks to turn your beard into a real treat:

 Keep it clean

  • Keep it clean. Ghouls and goblins are afoot today. Your beard is bound to acquire some ghostly residue (and environmental toxins) tonight. Wash your beard before bed and keep those apparitions from haunting you past All Hallows' Eve.

The Trick: Wash your beard twice a week
The Treat: A beard free of terrifying residue/freaky smells

Hydrate your beard

  • Hydrate or die. While your blood may run cold today, the cooling temperatures are preparing to wreak havoc on your skin. Autumn is the beginning of beard itch and beardruff season. This is especially true for men with stubble / shorter beards. Fortunately, this threat is easily subdued with a hydrating Facial Moisturizer & Beard Conditioner.

The Trick: Apply a Facial Moisturizer & Beard Conditioner morning and night
The Treat: A beard free of itch, irritation, and beardruff

Oil your beard

The Trick: Use a premium beard oil daily
The Treat: Soft, happy facial hair

Trim your beard weekly

  • Make Edward Sissorhands proud. While beards grow an average of half an inch per month, not all follicles grow at the same rate. Keep your beard looking tight with weekly trims. This can be done by hand with scissors or utilizing electric clippers. No need to go crazy, just take care of those possessed beard hairs that have gone rogue.

The Trick: Lightly trim your beard weekly
The Treat: A well-shaped beard free of split ends

Grow with confidence.

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