What Women Want | #WCW of Substance: Mollie

June 01, 2016

What Women Want | #WCW of Substance: Mollie

Today I had the distinct pleasure of talking with Mollie, a longtime friend of stubble & ‘stache and all-around amazing woman. When Mollie is not rocking out in front of the camera as a model for THE Artist Agency, she crushes business as the COO of The Little Burros. As savage gentlemen, we must always be improving ourselves. Be it education, health or spirituality, we must never stop growing. I decided to take this opportunity to ask Mollie about her thoughts on men and what catches her eye.

Mollie Interview

Nick: What is the first thing you notice about a guy?

Mollie: Eyes, and if they catch mine.

*Upon answering this question, she did not hold my gaze. Sigh*

Mollie Not Looking Back

Nick: How do you feel about beards?

Mollie: It is a must, exudes confidence.

*Now I’m wondering why she didn't hold my gaze*

Nick: What's the best way for a guy to get your attention?

Mollie: Oh boy! I don’t know what the best way is but I know I hate when men offer to buy me a drink. Then again maybe that explains why all my boyfriends have been broke.

Nick: Have you ever dated a guy with a facial hair?

Mollie: Exclusively


*This is why we like her*


Nick: Who is your favorite bearded celebrity?

Mollie: Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. BUT as of late Drake.

Nick: What's a men's fashion item you wish would go away?

Mollie: Backpacks. A man carrying a weekender or briefcase is SO much more attractive.


Nick: What is something you wish men would wear more often?

Mollie: Short Shorts! Come on guys! Women want to see your tan toned thighs as much as you want to see theirs!

 Skys out thighs out

Nick: Have you ever "campsited" a guy?

Mollie: Not quite sure what that means, but I’m not letting anyone pitch a tent around this campsite, so I’ll probably never find out.

*hmmm...this answers the gaze question*

*In this context, to “campsite” a guy means to leave him better than you found him. Just like you are supposed to leave a campsite in better condition than you found it. So, when you break up with a guy, he is a better man for the next woman.*

Walk on


Nick: Have you ever used your boyfriend's grooming product(s)? Which ones?

Mollie: Yes! I love, love, love men’s deodorant. If I wear it I feel like I am constantly getting a huge from a man- and that’s a good feeling.


*Excellent. We’ll get you some stubble & ‘stache too*


Nick: Favorite men's scent?

Mollie: YSL or Tom Ford for date nights. Casually, anything that really screams masculinity.

And with that, it is time to get back to business.

Mollie at work


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