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September 29, 2013

Award winning beard and skincare created by a former Special Operations Officer.

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Stop beard itch!
Our 2 in 1 Beard Conditioner and Face Moisturizer with Aloe, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Chamomile, Vitamins A and E and Pro Vitamin B5 conditions your beard, reduces beard itch, and hydrates your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
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Your face needs a cleanser and your hair needs shampoo...but facial hair is different then the hair on the top of your head. What is a man to do? Aggressively attack the problem...with science, that's what! And that's exactly what we did. Our invigorating 2 in 1 Face and Beard Wash is formulated with an amazing blend of natural botanicals, vitamins, antioxidants and cleansers.

Itchy Beard? How To Stop Your Beard From Itching

 If you have ever tried to grow a beard, you have experienced beard itch. Some have itchier beards than others. The question is, why do beards itch in the beginning? And what can I do to reduce the irritation and itch?

For most new beardsmen, the itch will stop within three weeks. Stay strong. It will subside. But, what causes the itch in the first place?

Instigators of Itch

When you shave, the razor cuts your coarse whiskers at an angle that leaves them with a sharp edge. As your whiskers grow, that sharp edge can scratch and irritate your skin, resulting in itch. In some cases, the razor will actually elevate and cut your whiskers. When the razor passes, the whiskers retreat below the skin. As they begin to grow again, that sharp edge digs into your skin as it grows toward the surface. Itchy.

Below is a microscopic look at whiskers cut by razors. The left image is from a blade, the right was cut by an electric razor.

The second causation of beard itch is dry skin. We have all experienced itch as a result of dry skin. The skin below your beard can become dry and intrinsically itchy. Combine this with sharp, coarse edges rubbing against said dry skin and you'll get an itch that would make a flea proud.

Itchy beard is one of the prime reasons we created our Face Moisturizer and Beard Conditioner.

How do we reduce this? First, we condition and soften the beard with natural botanicals and conditioners. This lessens the capacity of your whiskers to incite itch. Then, we sooth and hydrate the skin with moisturizers and aloe to prevent the itching sensation associated with dryness and irritation caused by whisker rub.

Now go forth without fear and grow a beard.




*stubble & 'stache was founded by a former Marine Corps Special Operations Officer in memory of his fallen comrade. We donate 15% of profits to organizations supporting those men and women suffering from the mental wounds sustained in combat.